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Get more feel-good stories

from LittleThings


Sarah Pribis, LittleThings' trendiest host, takes us through the day's most viral stories from all over the internet. From discussing the hottest new fashion fad to what's new in the pop-culture world, she'll keep you updated on everything you need to know!

Aired July 19, 2017

Cop Pulls Over His Kids

A cop pulls over his 2 tiny babies, and a rescue dog gets to feel freedom for the very first time!

Aired July 13, 2017

Home Water Birth, Gender Reveal

An at-home water birth is also a gender reveal, and it has the whole family in happy tears! Plus, a deaf baby hears Mom's voice for the very first time.

Aired July 12, 2017

Hilarious Gender Reveal Surprise

A surprise kidney donation leaves one husband in happy tears, and a father of 4 girls discovers the gender of baby #5.

Aired July 11, 2017

Cat Gives Dog A Massage

A lucky dog gets a back rub from the family cat. A pregnant woman has a hilarious reaction when she learns the gender of her baby.

Aired July 10, 2017

Music Monday With Daniel de los Reyes

Daniel de los Reyes, percussionist for Zac Brown Band, talks about his organization DayGlow — a school that uses music to instill long-lasting values in its students.

Aired July 7, 2017

Mother Goose Loves Police Department

Father-daughter wedding dance has Grandma and the entire family laughing! Then, a cashier has the voice of an angel, and Mother Goose is in love with the police department.

Aired July 5, 2017

Elephant Lullaby

A sleepy elephant falls asleep listening to a sweet lullaby. The secret to winning the peg game found inside Cracker Barrel restaurants is revealed.

Aired June 30, 2017

We're Celebrating Foodie Friday

A drowning baby elephant is rescued by his brave nanny, and a tiny trailer turns into a gorgeous new vacation home.

Aired June 29, 2017

Special Guest Nicky Whelan

A toddler meets her newborn sister for the first time. Then, we sit down with Nicky Whelan to discuss her upcoming film.

Aired June 27, 2017

Adorable Baby Kisses Reflection

An adorable baby is enamored with his own reflection. A family dog meets the newest member of the family for the first time.

Aired June 26, 2017

Music Monday With Dragonette

Musical group Dragonette performs live on Replay, and Sarah shares an amazing birth story involving quadruplets.

Aired June 23, 2017

Can You Guess What She's Making?

A silly father shows what happens when you leave dad home alone. Then, Sarah and Paul try to guess what this woman is making.